Insulated Constructions

Your applications

Food processing facilities and laboratories

Your modernization or building project integrates a set of insulated rooms complying with the most stringent hygiene regulations. You wish to consult specialists in that field, you seek the most suitable materials and you need the backing of a project support team :

DAGARD has 60 years of manufacturing and insulating experience in this area and the teams and solutions to drive your success.

Our customer reference list
Realizations with Dagard sandwich panels: food processing plants, cheese dairy, fish shop, production units of meals, preparation laboratories, cannery, chocolate factory, pastry factory, bakery, catering, dairy industry, creamery, dairy plants

They trust us

Lenôtre, Cochonou, Cargill Foods, Pasquier, Pat à Pain, Brossard, Fromagerie Bel, Centrales laitières, Coopératives laitières, Onetik SA, M.I.N. Rungis, Toulouse, Rouen, Nantes, Marseille ...