Kan Thar Yar hospital

Operating rooms and work rooms in hospitals

As part of the creation of the Kan Thar Yar International Hospital in Burma, Dagard created 6 operating rooms and several work rooms.

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Operating room - Asian hospital

Kan Thar Yar hospital

Inaugurated at the end of 2017, the Kan Thar Yar International Hospital of Yagon (Burma), provides healthcare services related to heart and kidney diseases in order to treat the local population as efficiently as possible. The hospital is equipped with an outpatient cardiology and nephrology department and an intensive care unit. In order to provide the best possible care, state-of-the-art operating rooms have been created.

Operating room - Asian hospital

State-of-the-art operating and work rooms

Dagard worked with hospital administrators to create an optimal clean environment for patients and staff in six operating rooms and various work rooms with integrated technical facilities. In total, this represented ten new areas where particular care was taken to integrate technical elements (pass-throughs, screens, etc.) in the 6 operating rooms and 4 work rooms.

This complete project includes more than 1600 m² of bi-block partitions, 1280 m² of ceilings, 34 cleanroom sliding doors , some of which are leaded, and 26 cleanroom bi-flush doors.

1600 m2

of partitions

1280 m2

of ceiling


sliding doors


bi-flush doors

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