Dagard's biosafety laboratories

Biosafety laboratories

Do you carry out all or part of your activities in high-security laboratories? You need to rely on a laboratory that is both optimal in terms of tightness and risk prevention. With Dagard, you have the perfect partner to design and build your biosafety laboratory, up to a P4/BSL4 level.


Biotechnological risk prevention

Protect workers from hazards created by handling microorganisms


Prevent the intentional release of microorganisms into the community.


Ensure that micro-organisms are not unintentionally transmitted to the community or the environment.

Person working in a classified laboratory

Dagard, a partner at your side

Financially sustainable, Dagard stands out for:

  • its R&D, which is always on the lookout for innovations,
  • its ability to manage projects right up to their final installation on site,
  • its in-depth knowledge of its customers’ needs.

Our teams handle each project specifically, in order to provide you with a tailor-made solution developed for your needs.

Microscope work in a classified laboratory

Dagard, a specialist in biosafety laboratories

With more than 15 years of experience in the design and construction of biosafety laboratories of type P1/BSL1 to P4/BSL4, Dagard has built up a deep expertise of biosafety. Up to their finishes, Dagard’s biosafety laboratories offer a level of quality, impact resistance and durability that meets the expectations of top companies worldwide.

Persons exchanging in a classified laboratory

The advantages of Dagard industrial construction

– Consistent properties and performance
– Speed of implementation
– Guaranteed results
– Easy to clean and disinfect

Classified laboratory work

A tailor-made solution based on a complete range of products


The Ultra Clean line is suitable for the most demanding environments and the most sensitive applications. It meets ISO 4, 5, 6 and 7 standards.
Its removable partitions offer great flexibility in the configuration of the laboratory.

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They trust us with their projects
CEA – MIRCEN biosafety laboratory

“Molecular Imaging Research Center”
Fontenay aux Roses – France

Biosafety laboratory for CEA – MIRCEN

“Molecular Imaging Research Center”
Fontenay aux Roses – France

Gold Coast University Hospital biosafety laboratory

Gold Coast University Hospital
Southport – Australia

Biosafety laboratory in Australia

Gold Coast University Hospital
Southport – Australia

Laboratoire classé – physiopathologie Toulouse

Toulouse, France
Centre for Physiopathology, one of the first biomedical research centers.