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Leader manufacturer of innovative solutions in France, Dagard produces, markets and installs a wide range of insulation solutions worldwide, directly or via its partners, in the fields of cleanrooms, health care, classified laboratories, advanced technologies, food processing and hotels and restaurants. More than just products, Dagard designs and implements complex solutions thanks to an engineering department counting several dozen people and assembly teams experts of the sector.


Our commitment: customer satisfaction

Recognized for the quality of our products and services as well as for our know-how, we make customer satisfaction a top priority. Through active listening and support, a perpetual quest for innovation and advanced expertise, we make your project a success.

With enthusiasm, team spirit, flexibility, adaptation and commitment, we seek to establish a long-term relationship based on trust.

Dagard in figures

Discover Dagard through its key figures

Dagard in figures
Our history

An approach of permanent innovation that places us among the market leaders in France and Europe.

Our history
Purever industries

Dagard is a company of Purever Industries. It has close ties with its network of partners around the world, all of whom are specialists in insulation solutions.

Purever industries
The Dagard team

Dagard counts 400 employees who operate in a large range of expertise.

The Dagard team

For more than 60 years, Dagard has been innovating and serving its customers, offering them a range of products and services that meet their specific needs. Today, the company is present in more than 80 countries.

DAGARD in figures






areas of expertise

83 M€


Creation of the company

Creation of the company in Boussac (Creuse) by the Dagard family

First cold room

Creation of the first prefabricted dismountable cold room.

Establishment in Spain and Tunisia

Dagard starts operating in Spain (DAGARD IBERICA) and Tunisia (DAGARD MAGHREB)

Sandwich panel production line

Installation of a continuous sandwich panel production line. Significant increase in industrial capacity.

Dagard subsidiary in the USA

Creation of the subsidiary Dagard USA Corp. in the United States.

Industrial building in Montluçon

Start-up of a new industrial building in Montluçon dedicated to the manufacture of Cleanroom products.

Dagard fire doors

Launch of Dagard’s fire doors.

Dagard punching line

Increase in industrial capacity with a new automatic punching and paneling line.

Dagard joins Purever Industries

Dagard joins Purever Industries, comprising 17 companies.

Showroom Dagard aux Ulis

Opening of Dagard’ showroom in Les Ulis

Innovation at Purever

Purever Industries
at the heart of innovation

Purever industries is a group offering innovative and high quality insulation solutions, thanks to processes at the cutting edge of technology. It is aimed at customers operating in the food, health and construction industries. Innovative, Purever Industries is also committed to tomorrow’s world through an eco-responsible approach. The group ensures responsible and safe manufacturing, as well as the optimization of its production processes by using certified non-polluting materials, reducing manufacturing resources and increasing the life span of its products.

A global team

A team of professionnals
around the World

Today, Purever Industries counts more than 850 employees with a wide range of skills and backgrounds working together in 80 countries to offer the best products to its professional customers, protecting their health and well-being.

A network of specialist companies

Purever Industries is a global group with strong local roots, thanks to its network of companies.


Our ares of expertise

Our values

Our CSR approach

Our areas of expertise in insulating solutions

Dagard masters all types of insulation, from cold and fire to microbiological and particulate contamination. We can therefore produce, market and install a wide range of cleanrooms, isothermal enclosures, complex technical installations and cold rooms  worldwide.

Hygiene control, suitability for cleaning and disinfection

Fight against microbiological or microparticulate contamination in controlled environments (laboratories, hospitals, operating block and the electronics, aeronautics and space sectors).

Thermal insulation for the control of low (down to -40°C) or high (up to 100°C) temperatures

Production of equipment for industrial refrigeration, modular cold rooms for the catering industry; industrial panels and doors for the food industry.

Data centers

Data security thanks to our anti-intrusion solutions.

Soundproofing and acoustic insulation

Insulating or absorbent sandwich panels.

Fire safety

Walls, ceilings, fire-resistant doors and glazing, smoke extraction hatches, treatment of penetrations.

Air and water vapour tightness

Mastery of tightness in various forms, junctions, penetrations, doors and accessories.

Cuisine professionnelle
Application en biotechnologie
Laboratoire de recherche

Dagard's values

Our values

Dagard is a company recognized for its know-how. Its values are built around 6 pillars: innovation, flexibility, teamwork, technical leadership, customer satisfaction, service and commitment.

Dagard applies these values on a daily basis and constantly evolves its products, services and methods.Doing so, it can offer increasingly relevant and adapted solutions to its customers, which remain at the heart of the company’s development drive.

Dagard's CSR approach

Our CSR approach

To keep a company alive and sustainable, it is necessary to maintain constant social values and a certain respect for the people who work for it. Dagard’s recruitment and management policy is there to ensure that everyone is responsible. The aim is to enhance the value of our employees, to maintain an ongoing dialogue for the sake of overall cohesion, and thus to progress together.

Sustainable development at Dagard

Sustainable development

All of Dagard’s developments, processes and choices favour the notions of respect and protection of the environment. A series of concrete and complementary actions have been implemented to illustrate this commitment: selective sorting of all waste, optimization and selection of packaging materials, industrial processes that consume little energy and water, use of non-polluting consumables in limited quantities, redirection of waste to approved centers, prevention of employee safety, etc.

The Dagard team assembled

The Dagard team

Dagard is a team of 400 men and women who gather their know-how to offer the most comprehensive and talor-made service possible. Consulting, design, manufacturing, logistics, installation, after-sales service, etc. Dagard’s talented people work in a variety of fields in industry and the construction sector, as well as in support functions to back up its activity.

Our ambition: to make Dagard an ever more customer-oriented company by meeting its customers’ needs with products of irreproachable quality, and with a “5-star” service offering.