Dagard's team

An employer with strong values

As the leading manufacturer of innovative solutions, Dagard, a member of Purever Industries group, is recognized for its know-how and the quality of its products. Constantly striving for innovation and customer satisfaction, Dagard is constantly looking for new talents to strengthen its teams.



more women recruited in 2019

20 to 40

recruitments per year


growth in the workforce over the last 2 years, a trend that is set to continue


A stimulating HR policy

Retaining employees and recruiting new talents are key elements of our strategy. To achieve this, we offer diversified professions and internal development that allow each employee to project him/herself into our company, and more broadly into our Group. Our HR policy is based on strong pillars such as training, career management, mobility, remuneration policy, integration and professional equality.

We recruit employees with complete transparency and fairness in all our business lines (production, sales, technical and support). We want to give all candidates a chance (new hiring or internal development) by guaranteeing non-discrimination in hiring and respect for fairness in professional development.

Our positioning as a designer-manufacturer-installer enables us to offer rich and varied positions.

Person working in the Dagard workshops

Skills development through career management

Throughout one’s professional career within the company, means are put in place so that everyone can develop their skills: training, role-playing in a new position, transmission of skills, mentoring, assignment of new responsibilities. All ideas are welcome, whatever the level of degree or profession, with the aim of contributing to the evolution of the company.

Illustration of the equality index Male Female

Gender equality index at the end of 2019: 82/100 for DAGARD

DAGARD has an overall score of 82/100 on the gender equality index, one of the new provisions introduced by the law “for the freedom to choose one’s professional future” of 5 September 2018.

In application of this law, which aims in particular to eliminate the wage gap between women and men in France, companies with more than 250 employees must:

-calculate and publish this overall score on their website for the first time on 1 September 2019,

-and take the necessary corrective action by 2022, under penalty of financial penalties of up to 1% of their wage bill.

Dagard achieved the 82-point mark thanks to the equal pay steering and monitoring mechanisms provided for in the equal pay agreements signed with its social partners.

(This score is above the 75-point threshold defined by the decree which, if not achieved, implies corrective action).

Dagard staff discussing

Professional equality at the heart of our actions

DAGARD is convinced that gender mix and professional equality between women and men are essential factors for social progress and sustainable performance and aims to achieve a score of 88/100 points in 2020.

Furthermore, while equal pay between women and men is one of the foundations of professional equality, DAGARD is also committed to other equally important issues: gender mix in professions, key positions and management, life time balance, changes in mentalities, with the fight against gender stereotypes, sexist behaviour, discrimination and violence.

All these actions in favour of Diversity are the result of the willingness of the women and men of the company to move forward together respecting the common values that form DAGARD’s identity.

A responsible and committed HR policy

Dagard is a company committed to diversity. For several years now, we have been signatories to the Diversity Charter.

The integration of young people, jobseekers and workers with disabilities is one of our key words in order to eradicate social exclusion. Women are also well represented in the company, in positions of high responsibility, and do not suffer from a pay gap for a position equivalent to that of men.

An internal training department

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have created our own internal training department.

Its objectives:
Capitalize on Dagard’s know-how
Valuing internal experts
Passing on the entry culture
Accelerate the integration of newcomers and ensure successful hiring/movements
Involving managers in the development of their teams’ skills

Work-life balance

We attach great importance to a good work-life balance for our employees.

The company adapts as much as possible to the wishes of part-time work, adapted working hours, etc…