Example of a Dagard cleanroom

Cleanroom: our expertise from design to installation

DAGARD specializes in solutions adapted to controlled environments such as cleanrooms. We have more than 60 years of experience in the cleanroom field. This technical expertise enables us to understand very precisely our customers’ field of expertise in different sectors.


The professionalism of a 
world-class leader

Present throughout the world, DAGARD designs, manufactures, installs and validates new cleanroom envelope solution. Our quality is guaranteed by the rigour and professionalism of both our studies and our implementation on-site.

Dagard's blache room for the pharmaceutical sector

DAGARD‘s experience in pharmaceutical engineering and construction in the field of life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry is proven. The field of expertise of its teams covers processes and cleanrooms in controlled atmosphere areas. DAGARD has implemented and qualified technical projects for numerous companies including Bristol Myers Squibb, Cenexi, Danisco, Glaxo Smith Kline, IPSEN Beaufour, Léo Pharma, Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi Aventis.

Cleanroom for Biotechnology

DAGARD masters the environments linked to the biotechnology industry. This industry requires the construction of cleanrooms and related controlled environments in which the concentration of airborne particles, temperature, humidity and pressure are controlled. DAGARD has brought its expertise in cleanrooms to the biotechnology sector for companies such as Sanofi and Centocor for instance.

Dagard clean room research laboratory

Since 2006, the cosmetics industry has relied on standards relating to the microbiological evaluation of its products. The environment and operator’s safety is directly linked to the design of the cleanroom. DAGARD offers materials to make cleanroom envelopes that meet the requirements of tightness, cleaning, resistance to disinfecting agents, non-retention of particles and non-proliferation of contaminating agents. We have had the opportunity to bring our know-how to customers such as Christian Dior, Guinot and Mary Cohr, L’Oréal, Nivéa, Schwarzkopf, Yves Rocher.

Dagard employee working on a clean room element

DAGARD has specific expertise in the design and manufacture of research laboratories in the health sector (blood and blood derivatives, medical devices, engineering units, medical analysis laboratories, etc.). Thus, Dagard brings its know-how for the creation of research laboratories to companies such as Icare, the EFS, the Institut du végétal or GE Healthcare, just to name a few.

Made in France

All of our products are manufactured by passionate teams in France, a know-how that has been perpetuated since 1951.

CE marking

Our products are CE marked, ensuring their compliance with the requirements defined in European regulations.

FM approval

Some of our products have been awarded the FM mark: a certification attesting to their level of excellence and recognized worldwide.


A cleanroom that meets
your needs

To choose the elements of which a cleanroom is made, companies mostly evaluate their types of activities and the levels of containment needed, the budget for the work and the cleaning processes. We offer cleanrooms based on both modular single piece systems and bi-block systems, removable partitions and grid ceilings with removable facings.


Dagard employee working on a clean room element

Our ranges

Ultra Clean

The Ultra Clean line has smooth, flush surfaces for high quality envelopes. Their degree of finish is such that they meet the constraints of the most demanding environments and the most sensitive applications.
This range consists of large-format single piece sandwich panels reducing the number of elements, doors, glazing and accessories.

Controlled Environment

With its semi-flush elements, the Controlled Environment line enables the realization of cleanrooms for different sectors and applications.
Our Controlled Environment cleanrooms offer great flexibility in design and implementation for a reduced number of components.

Fire resistance

Some zones are due to use components with fire resistance performances certified by approved laboratories: fireproof partition, specific ceiling, glazing or fireproof door.
We offer solutions fulfilling these functions and adapted to the requirements of cleanrooms.


For some applications, the acoustics must be particularly controlled. Our acoustic line makes it possible to offer a cleanroom with high acoustic attenuation or limited sound reverberation.


The Bi-bloc line offers modular elements as well as adapted doors and glazing to provide cleanrooms that are specifically developed to meet the needs of both pharmaceutical manufacturers and the hospital sector.


Smart Industries - Salle de peinture pour avion
Large-scale paint room for aircraft

We realized a series of 3 aircraft paint rooms for Sabena Technics, from their design to their installation on site.

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chassis alu
Prepartion laboratory for chocolate factory

Jean-Charles Rochoux, a Parisian chocolate maker with shops in Asia and the Middle East, has entrusted Dagard with the construction of its entire manufacturing laboratory in Saint-Denis, Ile-de-France.

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Operating and working rooms in hospitals

As part the Kan Thar Yar International Hospital’s construction in Burma, Dagard has created 6 operating rooms and several working rooms.

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