paint rooms for aircraft

Large-scale paint rooms for aircraft


Using our cleanroom expertise, we have built a series of 3 aircraft paint rooms for Sabena Technics in Toulouse, from their design to their installation on site.

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Large-scale paint rooms for aircraft

Sabena Technics

Sabena Technics, an Airbus subcontractor, is one of France’s leading independent providers of maintenance and modification services for civil and military aircraft. The company counts 2,800 employees at 14 sites around the world. In 2014, Dagard built two paint rooms for Sabena Technics in Toulouse. The company then called on Dagard again for the construction of a third room built in 2018. In 2019, a project to build a fourth paint room begins.

Smart Industries - large scale paint room

What are the specificities of an aircraft paint hangar?

Aircraft painting hangars are premises with many strong technical constraints. On the one hand, the products handled are flammable and present risks of explosion. Dagard has therefore implemented fireproof doors, fireproof partitions and fireproof ceilings to meet the requirements of ATEX environments.

All dust must be avoided in these hangars. They are therefore housed in a vacuum cleanroom envelope, which is both reinforced and hermetically sealed.

Finally, these projects stand out by the size of the construction. The largest of them measures no less than 22m high, 80m wide and 95m deep. Dagard brought its expertise in cleanrooms, high-rise buildings and its ability to manage projects from design to installation.

11 850 m2

of LF partitions


fire doors


traffic doors


service doors

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