Rochoux chocolate maker

Preparation laboratory for chocolate factory

The art of making delicate and refined chocolates is not innate. You have to be able to combine know-how, experience and state-of-the-art tools to be able to do so. Jean-Charles Rochoux, a Parisian chocolate maker with shops in Asia and the Middle East, knows this well. He has entrusted Dagard with the creation of the spaces for his manufacturing laboratory in Saint-Denis, in the Paris region.

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Dagard traffic door

Jean-Charles Rochoux chocolate maker: working with chocolate as a work of art

Jean-Charles Rochoux, a Parisian chocolate maker, attracts customers from all over the world, who rush to his shops in Paris, Dubai and Tokyo to taste his Iranian caramelized pistachio chocolates, his Piedmont hazelnut bar, his Grasse rose bar or his ephemeral Saturday bar. He is also a recognized craftsman and a true artist, capable of creating chocolates in the most fantastic shapes himself.

Food industry project for Rochoux chocolate maker

Functional and robust kitchens: Dagard’s expertise in preparation laboratories

In 2018, Dagard was appointed to create the laboratory spaces for the Rochoux house, providing an environment fitted for the creation of the best possible chocolates. Ceilings, partitions, linings, doors… Dagard built its entire transformation laboratory, ensuring the functionality of the spaces, their durability and cleanability. In view of the activity of the Rochoux house, this transformation unit is used in a positive temperature environment.

For this project, Dagard used 360 square metres of LA 60 and LA 80 panel partitions, as well as 6 revolving doors and 1 service door.

360 m2

of partitions


traffic doors


service door



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