Modular partition

 The modular partition adapts to the working environment

Dagard’s movable partition meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical and health industries, cosmetics manufacturers, scientific research and high technology. These partitions offer numerous possibilities thanks to their modular single-piece system design. With their smooth surfaces, these modular partitions display an unparalleled level of quality.

Our modular partition is quick and easy to install, which is a great benefit for projects. Dagard’s single piece systems are particularly well known and appreciated for their high level of performance and adaptability. In addition to the modular partition, the single-piece system also relies on specific doors and ceilings.

Removable partition

The tailor-made composition of the modular partition

The dimensional accuracy and the modulation logic of the partition allow the layouts to be modified to adapt to the process, without any alteration in the quality of the partitioning. Partitions with a 10 cm module are light, solid and can be dismantled very quickly.

Each partition includes two cable management slots. The adjustable belt mounting allows the floor to be raised for a total flush fit. All connections are flush or rounded.

A wide choice of cores and coatings is available: polyurethane, rock wool, aluminium honeycomb, lacquered steel coated with polyester lacquer, PET or PVC film, raw or coated stainless steel, compact laminate, etc.

Dagard Acoustic Placo Partition

A complementary acoustic range

Dagard is also a specialist in bi-block systems and offers various solutions for the acoustic performance of the working environment such as acoustic doors, acoustic ceilings or acoustic partitions.