Single-piece sandwich panel ceilings

Single-piece sandwich panel ceilings

The ceilings of our modular single-piece system range are made using single-piece sandwich panels. Highly cleanable, tight and available with different cores and facings to best suit your environment, Dagard’s single piece ceilings are the ideal answer for the construction of high-end cleanrooms with a high level of quality required for contamination-sensitive environments.

Sandwich ceiling panel - special feature

Sandwich ceiling panels: specifics

Dagard’s single piece panels consist of an injected or glued core between two facings. Depending on the use of the ceiling made of single piece panels, this core can be made of different materials, each with specific characteristics:

  • Polyisocyanurate foam is used for its insulating function.
  • High-density rock wool is used for its non-combustibility and fire resistance properties.
  • Aluminium honeycomb is used for its ability to dissipate electrostatic charges that can cause damage in the semiconductor industry and other sensitive sectors.

Different coatings are available for the facings of Dagard’s ceiling sandwich panel: lacquered galvanised or stainless steel, lacquered aluminium, HPL compact laminate, PET, PVC, stainless steel + PVC + PET… The possibilities are numerous to meet your needs and expectations.

sandwich panel for monobloc ceiling

Dagard modular single piece ceiling’s benefits

Dagard single piece ceilings are completely tight thanks to their flush joints. In addition, they have surfaces that are easy to clean to meet the requirements of cleanrooms, regardless of the covering you have chosen. Finally, another positive point concerns the installation of this type of ceiling sandwich panel. Subsequent dismantling of a single part is possible to adapt to possible changes in the room or the installation of new equipment. This system makes the configuration of a cleanroom scalable.