Dagard's cold room from the inside

Our solutions to meet all your cold room needs

For the storage and conservation of foodstuffs or other products, we offer you our expertise in refrigeration and insulation to provide the flat pack cold room or the refrigerated cell that meets your expectations in every respect. Dagard experts are involved in all stages of the project for a turnkey solution tailored to your needs. Dagard solutions are manufactured in France.

Our expertise in refrigeration for your walk-in cold room

Dagard’s range of cold rooms meets the needs of all players in the food industry, distribution, but also florists or any activity requiring temperature-controlled work.

Installed in just a few hours, your Dagard cold room (positive or negative cold room, flat pack cold room or refrigerated cell) is compliant with the strictest hygiene and safety rules. Robust, flexible and high-performance, it is assembled by a hooking technique performed from the inside. Numerous configurations are available to meet your requirements while adapting to your dimensional needs.

Cold room: open door

Our fields of application :
varied and specific







Our walk-in cold rooms and refrigerated cells are marketed by all our
distributor partners and networks of refrigeration installers.

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