Insulating panel

Insulating panel for Dagard isothermal enclosures

Dagard offers two types of panels for the construction of your isothermal enclosures, the renovation of your existing buildings or for insulation cladding. The Dagard insulating panel is available as an LA panel with a PIR polyisocyanurate foam core, for the construction of isothermal enclosures of all sizes and heights, and as an LF panel with a rock wool core, when fire resistance performance is required. Our systems have CSTB technical approval, CE marking and FM approval.

isothermal panel LA in PIR

LA panel with PIR core

This insulating panel adapts to all constraints, whether architectural, technical or environmental. Very quick to install, LA PIR panels are available in many dimensions (variable thickness, variable length, width of 1160 mm) and with a wide choice of facings all meeting specific constraints.

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View of an isothermal panel LA in PIR

LF insulating panel

Also developed specifically for isothermal enclosures and the food industry, Dagard LF panels have high reaction to fire and fire resistance ratings. With their rock wool core, they are non-combustible. They also have high thermal performance. With their rock wool core, they are incombustible while guaranteeing good thermal performance.

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PIR LA panel insulated cabinet PIR LA panel insulated

Dagard, the expert in isothermal enclosures

With more than 65 years of experience in refrigeration, Dagard meets the needs of renowned players in the food industry, retail and local authorities. Isothermal enclosures made up of Dagard refrigeration panels or industrial sandwich panels are used in all or part of industrial buildings, factories or processing, storage or packaging units in a variety of fields.