Sound proofing in cleanrooms


Isolation acoustique

Sound proofing in cleanrooms:  our solutions

For certain activities in a cleanroom environment, a good sound proofing of the premises is essential. This is the case in research laboratories or in the hospital sector for example. 

Cleanroom  sound proofing is part of Dagard’s expertise, which provides solutions with particularly high sound attenuation and sound absorption ratings. 

Acoustic insulation in clean rooms

Dagard at your side for perfect sound proofing in cleanrooms

Acoustics is a parameter that becomes essential when noise is generated on a regular basis. This multitude of sounds results in discomfort for the people working in the cleanroom. In response to this situation, Dagard offers solutions recognized for their sound absorption and attenuation performance.

Focus sound insulation in clean rooms

Dagard, the expertise of cleanrooms

Dagard has more than 60 years’ experience in cleanroom operations, and its technical expertise allows it to understand very precisely its customers’ business in different sectors  and their varied expectations.

The quality of Dagard’s solutions is attested by the certifications of its products (CE marking, UL or FM approval, etc.). On the strength of this recognized know-how, Dagard offers soundproofing solutions in cleanrooms that meet the most demanding standards.

Acoustic panel: sound insulation in clean rooms

Acoustics: a Dagard expertise 

With acoustic solutions adapted to a variety of uses: room separation, cleanrooms with stringent requirements in terms of microbiological or bacteriological contamination control, and high sound absorption requirements, Dagard is able to meet the various expectations in terms of sound proofing, whatever the sector of activity and the use of the cleanroom. Sound attenuation or sound absorption, all the components of good sound control are offered.

Acoustic panels for acoustic insulation in clean rooms

A range dedicated to cleanroom sound proofing

We certainly offer you a cleanroom with efficient acoustics.Our products have been specifically developed for sound proofing:

Acoustic panel
Acoustic partition
Acoustic ceiling
Acoustic doors

They trust us with their projects
Réalisation Dagard pour Sanofi Aventis

Vitry Sur Seine 94 – France
Sanofi Aventis – Biolaunch                                                                        

Réalisation Dagard pour Centocor - Irlande

Cork – Ireland

Réalisation Dagard - data center

 Val de Reuil – France
France Télécom Orange
Data center

Agroalimentaire – réalisation Dagard

La Mure 38 – France
Food processing plant

Laboratoire de boulangerie – réalisation Dagard

Tourlaville 50 – France
Bakery laboratory

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