Strip curtain

Dagard’s strip curtain

The strip curtain we offer is a reliable and efficient solution to limit heat loss between two rooms with neighbouring temperatures (isothermal enclosure or cold room) while ensuring visibility.

Why choose a strip curtain

Why choose a strip curtain?

The flexibility of the strip curtain allows people or goods to pass frequently. Protection against air movement, its PVC material ensures the maintenance of a good level of thermal insulation.

The robust and transparent strips provide good sound insulation and contribute to good hygiene by limiting the introduction of dust and other foreign bodies. The strip curtain can therefore be used in the fields of food, health, industry and electronics.

Strip curtain: specificities

Specific features of the Dagard strip curtain

Dagard has developed a robust and efficient strip curtain that can be used in both positive and negative temperatures. It optimises the circulation of personnel within the isothermal enclosure by ensuring good visibility in the room and maintaining the right temperature.

The Dagard strip curtain consists of a galvanised or stainless steel rail and can be installed on or under a lintel. The strips, 2 mm thick and 200 mm wide, are made of extruded transparent PVC with a 50% overlap.

They are attached to the rail by independent screws, which allows each of them to be easily replaced if necessary. They are also available with an 80 or 100% overlap, and can be up to 300 x 3 mm.