Refrigeration unit

Refrigeration units: the best devices for cold generation

Dagard has selected a wide range of units that come in different models and can be adapted to your needs and the configuration of your insulated enclosure or refrigerated room.

Dagard : Refrigeration unit

A constant temperature 

While it is imperative to ensure perfect insulation in an isothermal enclosure, cold must also be spread evenly to produce and maintain the ideal temperature for the preservation and storage of foodstuffs, for example. The refrigeration unit is made up of several elements that interact with one another to ensure a continuous optimum temperature. 

Dagard: refrigeration unit

Refrigeration units for Dagard isothermal enclosures and cold rooms

We offer different group models according to your needs. Depending on the model, they adapt perfectly to an isothermal chamber, a refrigeration cell, a negative or positive cold room. It is important to underline that refrigeration units remain dedicated to an indoor use, and need to protected from bad weather conditions.
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Wall mounting

A practical and space-saving refrigeration unit that can be mounted high up on a wall. The wall-mounted units can either straddle (mounted directly on the wall) or thru-wall (mounted on the outside of the wall).

Ceiling mounting

Fixed directly on the ceiling, it allows to leave the walls of the enclosure free and available for shelving and racks for example.

Split group

A solution that optimizes the cold, with an evaporator in the wall or on the ceiling.