Positive or negative cold room

Positive cold room and negative cold room


Expert in refrigeration since 1951, Dagard offers a complete range to meet all your needs. Available in positive or negative cold rooms, our cold rooms can be partitioned and joined together, and are highly upgradeable and customizable.

A complete range of cold rooms

Positive or negative cold chamber

To meet all your cold room needs, we have developed a range that includes two references – the Taïga cold room and the Europa cold room – renown for their performance and practicality. Our cold rooms can be attached to each other to provide greater storage capacity, and are equipped with a door: isothermal pivoting door, isothermal sliding door or swing door. 4 floor finishes are offered and a wide variety of options are available such as strip curtains for example.


Our cold rooms are made in France, in our factories of Boussac and Lavault Sainte-Anne.


Our shelves are NF certified, attesting to their level of quality and safety.


Dagard panels are CE marked, ensuring their compliance with the requirements defined in European regulations.

Cold room
Taiga cold chamber
The Taiga cold room is designed to adapt to all environmental, use and installation constraints.
  • Partitionable
  • Accolable
  • Flexible
  • Aesthetic
Cold room
positive cold chamber or negative cold chamber Europa
The Europa cold room can be used for simple to very complex installations.
  • Modulable
  • Cloisonnable
  • Accolable
  • Evolutive
paint room for aircraft
Large-scale paint room for aircraft

We realized a series of 3 aircraft paint rooms for Sabena Technics, from their design to their installation on site.

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Preparation laboratory for chocolate factory
Prepartion laboratory for chocolate factory

Jean-Charles Rochoux, a Parisian chocolate maker with shops in Asia and the Middle East, has entrusted Dagard with the construction of its entire manufacturing laboratory in Saint-Denis, Ile-de-France.

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Kan-Thar-Yar- Hospital
Operating and working rooms in hospitals

As part the Kan Thar Yar International Hospital’s construction in Burma, Dagard has created 6 operating rooms and several working rooms.

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