Cold room and isothermal enclosures frames

Glazing for cold rooms and isothermal enclosures: the role of glazed frames

Depending on your needs, an isothermal enclosure can be completely closed or opened to the outside by means of glazing. These solutions are preferred when the enclosures accommodate personnel. They thus contribute to good working conditions by facilitating visibility and communication. Dagard glazing is perfectly integrated into the walls of cold rooms or isothermal enclosures thanks to frames.

 Dagard cold room or insulated enclosure frame

A high-performance cold room or isothermal enclosure frame

In order to guarantee perfect insulation under all circumstances, it is essential to choose a frame that is not only adapted to the partition (removable, plated, modular) on which it is placed, but also one that will allow the glazing to provide thermal insulation while ensuring there is no loss of performance.

Dagard offers different types of frames (cold room, isothermal enclosure) to keep the glazing of your isothermal enclosure securely in place and thus guarantee the expected level of insulation.

Various cold room frames

The different Dagard frames

Depending on the configuration of your isothermal enclosure, Dagard offers you different types of frames:

  • PVC frames or aluminium frames adapted to different types of glazing and openings.
  • Fixed frames or sliding frames, to optimize your space.
  • Frames with French or Italian-style openings.
  • A DAGfeu fire-resistant glass frame (guaranteed fire resistance performance).

Dagard’s cold room frames or isothermal enclosure frames are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

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