Thermal panel LF

LF panel – The highly fire-resistant thermal panel

The LF panel is an industrialized thermal panel that allows you to meet the fire constraints of your building while maintaining high thermal insulation characteristics. It is non-combustible and suitable for new buildings, renovations or the construction of insulating cladding.

thermal panel LF Dagard

Technical characteristics of Dagard’s LF thermal panel

The LF panel consists of a non-combustible, high-density rock wool insulation core bonded between two metal facings. Depending on the desired performance, the density of the rock wool used is 135 kg/m3, 120 kg/m3 or 100 kg/m3. Its thermal conductivity is 0.041 W/m.K.

With a base width of 1160 mm, the thickness of the LF Dagard thermal panel can vary from 40 to 240 mm according to your needs and its length can reach 12 m maximum (depending on the thickness).

View of a Dagard LF thermal panel

A wide choice of coatings

The LF thermal panel is offered with various coatings, allowing you to meet the constraints of different activities: in steel coated with a polyester lacquer, a PVDF lacquer, a PET complex, a PVC film or in stainless steel, depending on the environment.

As standard, the coating is a galvanised steel sheet coated with a white polyester lacquer. It can be either smooth, ribbed or micro-ribbed.

Sectional LF thermal panel

High approvals and performances

Dagard’s LF panel has numerous approvals attesting to its high level of performance: DTA (Technical Opinion – CSTB), FM approval, Reaction to fire: A2-s1,d0.

It has a thermal conductivity of λ= 0.041 W/m.K

The LF thermal panel is particularly suitable for the construction of incombustible isothermal enclosures of all sizes, particularly in the food industry.