Cold room door

Cold room doors: Dagard’s solutions

Because you have different uses and expectations, we provide you with the most suitable cold room door for each of our cold room models: sliding door, pivoting door or traffic door, we have the solution for you.

Dagard pivoting cold room door

The most popular cold room door

Known for its thermal insulation properties, the Dagard swing door is ideal for cold rooms with both positive and negative temperatures. They offer free flow adapted to various needs. As such, it is an all-terrain door, capable of meeting a wide range of uses.

Dagard sliding cold room door

When space is limited

Your cold room is set up in a small space? Opt for our sliding cold room door. Specially developed for areas with limited clearance, it is highly robust, allowing the flow of personnel or small trolleys smoothly.

Comes and goes: the Dagard cold room door

For intensive flows of people

When you know that your cold room will be frequently opened to let equipment or personnel through, our traffic door is particularly suitable. Developed to facilitate circulation, this model of cold room door is suited for contiguous rooms with neighbouring temperatures.