DAGARD brings together various branches of “business know-how” or “business activities” enabling customer satisfaction through the provision of fully comprehensive services.

Advisory servicecd351044

Our sales and marketing teams will offer you their experience and advice to guide you in making optimal choices. Being fully aware of your needs, analyzing them while proposing original solutions are the main paths of development of our customer relations.


Our site engineering teams study and put forward the most suitable solutions for your project, then after validation, organize the procurement and production of specific materials for your facility.


Our factories have a considerable production capacity and at the same time are highly flexible:

  • Continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel production lines, various facings, injected or bonded cores.
  • Fine, high precision sheet metal workshop
  • Multi-purpose industrial joinery: Machining, profiling, assembling of various materials (aluminum, PVC, compact laminate, glass, etc.).
  • Welding workshop and paint shop for steel, stainless steel and aluminum.



Our products are packed, stored and delivered at your convenience whatever the destination (France, Europe, World), by the most suitable means of transport.

Delivery deadlines are ensured within a framework of transparency and traceability.


Site installation and management3e-I

We ensure your project is followed up from the sale agreement through to delivery possible by a team dedicated to your project and matching its scope.

Our erection teams use the agreed materials and implement the agreed solutions in compliance with the criteria of quality, safety, schedule, cleanliness and environmental responsibility.


Maintenance, After-Sales3e-S

An After Sales and Maintenance service offer you advice and assistance throughout the useful life of your installation, during warranty periods and well beyond.
We offer support to keep your work tool in a serviceable state by the provisioning of spares and preventive or curative maintenance services.