cold room panel

Dagard’s cold room panel for optimal insulation

Dagard cold rooms are renowned for their performance and robustness, two parameters largely due to the technical nature of their components: the TA cold room panel and the floor panel.

Cold room panel TA 60 - 100 -150

TA 60, 100 or 150 panels

The TA panels are boxed insulating panels designed for the realization of the Taiga cold room and the Europa cold room or of refrigeration cells such as the Toundra cold room, the Easy Bloc cold room and Corner Cell.

These panels are implemented in positive or negative cold rooms and refrigeration cells, quickly and safely. 

They are constitutive elements of modular and evolutionary cold rooms for the conservation of fresh, frozen or deep-frozen products, in various sectors of activity.

Cold room panel TA 80

The TA 80 cold room panel

The TA 80 panel is a boxed insulating panel. It is designed specifically for the Optima cold room. Its design offers simple and reliable installation.

The vertical panels incorporate horizontal profiles instead of corners. The result is a more attractive appearance and a shorter dismantling time.

Dagard floor cold room panel

The floor panel

The floors of Dagard’s refrigeration cells and modular cold rooms are made from TA floor panels. Available in 20 or 40 cm modules, their thickness is adapted from 60 mm to 150 mm (60/80/100/150) depending on the internal temperature of the cold room (cold room panel 60 mm in positive temperature up to 150 mm in negative temperature). Their design ensures great robustness and optimum safety for users.