Taïga cold room

Taïga cold room

The Taïga cold room is designed to adapt to all constraints: environment, use, installation. Available with or without a floor, it can be extended in height, width or depth. Taïga is easy to clean and meets hygiene standards thanks to its rounded edges. Different doors can be chosen for a Taïga cold room: isothermal pivoting door, isothermal sliding door or swing door. 

Modularity at all levels

Made up of panels that can be joined together, the Taïga cold room is available in dimensions 83×83 cm to 403×603 cm for 20 cm modules up to 400 cm after 40 cms modules, for a modular storage capacity. In order to gain in volume, these cold rooms can be placed side by side.

They can be installed with or without a floor. 4 finishes are available, at your discretion, for cold rooms that are equipped with a floor.

Taiga Dagard Cold Storage

Strong points of the Taïga cold room


Thanks to its boxed panels, your cold room can be partitioned into several subspaces, offering a better structuring of the spaces.


The Taïga cold room can be combined with other models in the range, allowing a significant gain in volume for its users.


The Taïga cold room is expandable in all 3 dimensions and is therefore highly flexible. The variety of doors offered also makes it highly adaptable to the needs of its users.


Dagard porte son expertise sur le froid et les solutions isolantes. L’entreprise a développé au fil des ans de nombreux savoir-faire périphériques afin de répondre toujours mieux aux attentes de ses clients. Le souci du détail et de l’esthétisme en fait partie.

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