Optima cold room

Optima cold room: the versatile cell

With 80 mm thick walls, the Optima cold room is suitable for all types of temperatures, both negative and positive. Its design has been reworked without any horizontal angle, which makes it more aesthetic but above all allows it to be assembled very quickly: it can be assembled in less than an hour by two people. To optimize the storage volume, a U-shaped racking can be installed in the cold room, from dimension 160 cm.

A fully reversible door

Depending on the dimensions of the cell, and if the shelving allows it, a panel of the same width as the frame allows the position of the door to be reversed to the depth of the cold room, once on site. For 2-metre high cells, the door is fully reversible right/left, and the door direction can be selected on site without the need for adaptation. Similarly, for doors measuring 2.30 metres, the door, which is delivered with right-hand door hardware, can be modified very easily.

Cold room Optima Dagard

Highlights of the Optima cold room


The Optima cold room is available in several sizes: 
From 120 x 120 cm to 240 x 320 cm for 20 cm module for 2 m cells.
From 120 x 160 cm to 240 x 320 cm for 20 cm module for 2.30 m cells
And with the possibility of changing the direction in which the doors are fitted (hinged door etc.), the cell adapts to any space.


The walls, ceilings, doors, but also the floors of the Optima cold room are made up of panels with exclusive 80 mm thick boxes, which allow it to be used both as a positive or negative cold room.


The cell is compatible with many options (pressure relief valve, ventilation rafters, 3 or 4 level racks), which will allow you to optimize the space and the use of the cell, thus reducing its energy consumption.


The outer face of the Optima cold room door is made of anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to maximize its resistance over time.

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