Modular cold room

Dagard’s modular and flat pack cold rooms

Our modular cold room, also called flat pack cold room, is available in two models that adapt to all environmental, use and installation constraints: the Taiga cold room and the Europa cold room. It combines simplicity of installation, performance and robustness for optimal daily use over time.

Cold room kit: characteristics

What characteristics should I look for in a flat pack cold room?

Robustness and upgradability are the essential elements of a good modular cold room. This is the case of our cold rooms, which can be joined together, partitioned, and modular according to your constraints. Like all our cold rooms and refrigeration cells, they meet strong thermal insulation constraints, as well as cleanability, adaptability and ergonomics, in order to store your products in the best conditions.

Cold room kit: flexibility

Modular Cold room: flexibility and versatility

Due to the number of references and options offered, our modular cold rooms meet a wide variety of uses and needs for the actors of the food industry. 

As the preservation of food products by cold implies impeccable hygiene and insulation conditions, we put our experience and our requirements at your service to design cold rooms of very high quality. Designed by professionals for professionals, they respond to all constraints.

Cold room complementary products in kit form

Complementary products for the flat pack cold room

For our cold rooms, we offer a wide choice of refrigeration units suitable for both positive and negative temperatures. Our cold rooms can also be equipped with modular shelving on 3 or 4 levels, in L, U, E or straight. The type of door of your cold room can also vary according to your needs. Our range of doors can meet all your expectations.